Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

A claim of personal injury or clinical negligence can be truly devastating.

In the blink of an eye, lives can be irreversibly changed and families can be left not knowing who to turn to for help.

In short, what we do is simple: we work with your legal team to get the settlement that will help secure your financial future and continue to assist once settled to ensure the individual’s needs are met.

More specifically, we give specialist advice to clients who have suffered from personal injury or clinical negligence. We need to understand you, your immediate and long-term needs and work with you to establish your financial plan with an understanding of your schedule of loss. We also offer straightforward advice on how to then get the most out of your money, to ensure the long-term financial security of you.

Our advisers realise that this will be an entirely new experience to those families involved.

As such, we are there to answer any questions you have. We are entirely open, patient and understanding.

A claim such as yours can have a domino effect throughout the whole family. We recognise the need to communicate with the whole family, if you want us to, and advise based on the long-term financial security of all involved.

Our team has a vast, collective experience of dealing with clients in a caring and professional manner.