Investment trends: Millennials go for matched betting to top up income

The millennial generation is often criticized for being uninvolved in investing and not learning any life skills. They have been referred to as the “The Me Me Me Generation”. However, according to millennials, that isn’t a bad thing, as they are looking out for their own best interests. So now, when it comes to investing, they are getting there, slowly but surely. Millennials are increasingly getting into the investing game. And, when you look at their investments, you’ll see that a lot of them are based on things they use every day. There are social media, technology, and e-commerce investments at the forefront. There are also some surprising energy and automotive company contenders.

For example, millennials are not giving up on GE, but they are also sticking to relatively safe, less-pricey investments. In the main. What is interesting, though, is the growing numbers of people using free bets handed out by gambling firms to make “risk-free” tax-free gains of thousands of pounds a year with a technique known as matched betting. Gaming giants – including William Hill, Betfair and Coral – are aware that savvy gamblers, often students trying to supplement meagre incomes, are systematically using the method to “guarantee” winnings. Experts have confirmed it is perfectly legal, and although bookies know the practice occurs, they make no attempt to stop it. Gambling firms still make commission on winnings and hope to attract a different type of customer who might not normally visit their websites.

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