Generational Approach

At Wealth Design, we understand that many of our clients have worked hard throughout their lives in order to provide for their families.

That’s why all of our advice and planning is built with a generational approach in mind. This means we work to see that your family can benefit from your hard work. We also want to ensure that we are safeguarding as much income as possible for any successors in a tax efficient manner, thereby securing your wealth for generations to come.

The most vital thing in these situations is advanced planning, as an early awareness of all the options will provide the best opportunities to make the most of your assets. By working closely with your family, we will ensure that your wealth is passed on to your successors, and our independent approach means that we are able to give the best whole-of-market advice.

When planning with a generational approach, there are a few key areas of financial advice to consider.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Our independent financial advisers are able to assist clients in understanding their potential liability to Inheritance Tax and plan accordingly to mitigate this liability. Rules around ‘gifts’ and the utilisation of assets can be complicated and we can help clients to cut through the rules to understand what you can and cannot do to mitigate tax and ensure your loved ones receive what you want them to receive.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning is also built around a generational approach and takes into account the possibility of passing on benefits as part of your estate. This can be really helpful for younger generations of families, easing the financial burden of getting grandchildren through university or even helping them onto the property ladder. It is important to discuss your retirement plans with us as soon as possible, as it may take several years to achieve your desired outcomes.​​​​​​​

Long Term Care

A great fear for many is losing their hard earned money and assets due to long term care in old age. However, through careful planning alongside our financial advisers, we can help mitigate some of the costs involved.

Long term care can become incredibly expensive and you may be entitled to receive funding. Navigating your way through what you are and aren’t entitled to can be incredibly confusing, but our advisers are on hand to help you understand your options and guide you through the process.

Trust Funds

This is a means of protecting your assets and keeping them within your family bloodline when you are deceased. Using Trust Funds is not always about mitigating tax but more about ensuring the certainty of beneficiaries in any situation.

Ongoing Advice

Wealth Design are committed to providing continuing advice for you and your successors beyond any initial reviews or planning.