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The run up to the tax year end is a good time to consider tax planning to maximise the use of an individual’s allowances, reliefs and exemptions for the current tax year. Some of these will be lost if not used before the tax year end.

For those people who currently pay income tax at the higher rate (40%) and additional rate (45%), tax planning is absolutely vital as a means of minimising tax payable and so maximising net income, capital gains and wealth.

As well as last-minute tax planning for the tax year ending 5 April 2019 (2018/2019), now is also a good time to put in place strategies to minimise tax throughout 2019/2020.

Although, while arranging your affairs to save tax is an important part of financial planning, it is not the only part. It is also essential that any tax planning strategy that is being considered also makes commercial sense.

In this newsletter we cover the main planning opportunities open to UK resident individuals. All references to spouse include civil partners and all references to married couples include registered civil partners. Read our guide here.