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The crypto market is in many ways a classic pyramid scheme: early adopters are incentivised to recruit others by telling them a particular cryptocurrency is going "to the moon". Those others rush to buy, driving the value up and giving the earliest adopters the ability to sell for the heftiest gains. Initiative Q is a bit different though. For a start, "Q" is not actually a cryptocurrency. Instead, it's a private currency that won't even use the blockchain technology which is supposedly the point of most tokens. Instead it will use a regular database! The Q token is a centralised private currency issued by Initiative Q. It’s presently worthless, and not exchangeable even on Initiative Q’s own servers — but they aspire to it being used in their planned future payment network. At that point, they intend it to be freely exchangeable with dollars. Most experts believe the founders are completely sincere in their ambitions but doubt the quality of their ideas.