Make use of the considerable experience and track record of our independent financial advisers to help you make the most of your financial planning. Your independent financial adviser will guide you through the often-complex process of getting the most out of your savings, retirement, investment, trust fund, and more, while eschewing as many tax implications as possible.

Depending on your personal circumstances our financial advice may include:

  • Tax-efficient management of your money to grow a lump sum
  • Regular investment of savings
  • Investing wisely to maximise the use of tax allowances, both in respect of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax
  • Using your pension contributions' tax allowances to both maximise retirement funds and ensure tax-efficient funds for your surviving beneficiaries

Retirement Planning

Our independent financial advisers assist individual or corporate entities with saving for access to tax-free lump sums and income in later life. This financial service is becoming increasingly important as we realise that individuals are living longer and that we can no longer rely on the State Pension being able to provide a sustainable income. April 2015 has seen some of the biggest changes in pension legislation ever, with the introduction of new ‘pension freedoms’ and better ability to pass on ‘tax-free’ assets from pension schemes. Read more.


As ‘Independent” Financial Advisers we use the whole of the available market to research the best investment options across both geographical and market sectors to achieve the best levels of return linked to your Attitude to Risk. We can advise you on suitable investments and when appropriate we can introduce you to Discretionary Fund Managers we work closely with. Read more.

Financial Planning

Tax-efficient management of your money to grow a lump sum or the regular investment of savings. Having your investments in the ‘right place’ is important to maximise use of tax allowances in the form of both Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. Also by utilising your Annual Allowance of pension contributions you will be able to maximise savings and have funds for later life that are also tax- efficient for your beneficiaries in the event of death. Read more.

Tax Planning

‘Tax’ is an important aspect of all our advice. With personal tax rates reaching possible highs of up to 60% in the UK at present it is understandable that it has to be a fundamental part of our independent financial advisers' considerations when advising clients on any aspect of financial planning. Read more.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Once described as a ‘voluntary tax’, our independent financial advisers are able to assist clients in understanding their potential liability to Inheritance Tax and plan accordingly to mitigate this liability. Rules around ‘gifts’ and the utilisation of assets can be complicated and we can help clients to cut through the rules to understand what you can and cannot do to mitigate tax and ensure your loved ones receive what you want them to receive. Read more.

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

We give specialist advice to clients who have suffered from personal injury or clinical negligence. We need to understand you, your immediate and long-term needs and work with you to establish your financial plan with an understanding of your schedule of loss. We offer straightforward advice on how to then get the most out of your money, to safeguard your long term financial security. Read more.

Trust Funds

Using Trust Fund structures to assist individuals, Corporate and Charity entities to invest money in a tax-efficient manner can be linked to any part of our Financial Planning process. Using Trust Funds is not always about mitigating tax but more especially ensuring the certainty of beneficiaries in any situation. An independent financial adviser will gladly help you ascertain the correct Trust Fund structure. Read more.


In advising both individual and corporate clients, that issue of ‘what if’ is always to be considered. Providing financial protection in the event of death, critical illness or protecting against long periods of incapacity from employment are all available as forms of protection. We all know someone who has died or being taken seriously ill unexpectedly and we can all imagine the stress that is added to these situations when financial pressures also come to bear. There is no need to worry with adequate financial protection in place. Read more.